Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Stage Your Home for a Successful Sale

With such a glut of listings in the housing market, as a home seller, you need to do anything you can to set your home apart so it will be noticed. One big thing you can do is to stage your home well.  Here are some tips from on staging your home:

1.     Say goodbye to clutter: While you may be proud of your shot glass collection, to a potential homebuyer, it just makes your home look cluttered. Put away most of your collections, so your home doesn’t appear busy and cluttered. Furniture can also contribute to a cluttered look. This doesn't mean you need to strip your house to unusable bare bones, but even removing that one extra chair from your living room can make a difference.

2.     Pull the furniture away from the walls a bit. It makes the room look bigger. Use good judgment when doing this though—if pulling furniture away from the wall a bit means that you can’t comfortably walk through a room, don’t do it.

3.     Rearrange furniture: just because a piece of furniture was purchased for a specific room doesn't mean that it has to stay there. Experiment.

4.     Make spaces valuable: if there ‘s a room or area in your house that just gathers junk, turn it into a reading nook or small office space. Turn an unfinished basement into an exercise area with the addition of some padding on the floor. Use your imagination to figure out the wasted spaces in your home, and how you can utilize them to increase your homes’ value.

5.     Lighting: good lighting is hugely important in staging your home. If rooms are dim, add lamps or other accent lighting, and increase wattage in lamps and fixtures. As an added bonus, use compact fluorescent bulbs, which last much longer than traditional light bulbs, and are no longer much more expensive.

6.     Décor: a general rule to keep in mind is that groupings of décor look best in odd numbers.
7.     Flowers: If you have flowers or other plants in your yard that cut well, be sure to regularly stock your house with one or more arrangements. Something living adds a lot to a room.

8.     Bathroom: polish tile in the bathroom. Set out coordinating towels and candles to give a spa-like feel.

If you follow these tips, there’s no guarantee your home will sell but it will have a better chance. And if nothing else, your home will be more pleasant while you live there!